If you are thinking about creating an online course or program using Moodle as a learning management system, a Bluefire professional can meet with you to discuss your options. We specialize in online learning and Moodle and can help you accomplish your goals whether:

  • You'd like to start from scratch and build a course yourself
  • You'd rather supply the content and have us build the course for you
  • You'd like to set up your own Moodle server to house your course(s)
  • You'd like to host your Moodle course(s) with us (with your own private space or a shared space)
  • or any combination or variation of the above options.

We can also help you figure out how to take that amazing face-to-face training session that you do and make it appropriate, effective, and personalized in an online setting. Did you know that almost anything you do in a face-to-face setting can be adapted to an online environment? We've been working with people to help them do just that. We know that it's possible to create a powerful online community that is informative, collaborative, reflective, and conducive to learning. We've seen and made it happen! Let us help you design a worthwhile learning experience that is specific to your participants and needs.

Whatever your situation, Bluefire can supply the level of support and/or training you need.

Contact us today to set up a strategy meeting.

Last modified: Thursday, 7 January 2016, 04:26 PM
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