Google SketchUp Learning and Drawing
(Google SketchUp)

In this course, students use Google SketchUp online software to create a drawing of their classroom to scale. Over the six week duration of the course, students accomplish the following:
  1. Access and create a Google SketchUp account
  2. Download the program onto the computer
  3. Learn the operation and use of tools in Google SketchUp
  4. Work in collaboration with a partner and classmates to plan and design the drawing
  5. Complete the drawing of the classroom to scale
  6. Submit and meet assignment requirements
  7. Submit the drawing to the grade book
  8. Display and present the drawing to the class
  9. Submit a summary of the operation and assessment of the Google SketchUp software using a combined graphic organizer and written assessment
The course is hybrid where instruction is provided in class, and online instruction, course outline, and materials are provided online throughout.