• This course is available to anyone taking a course.  This course is NOT required for completion of your course.  It includes tutorials for turning in assignments, participating in discussion forums, and taking quizzes.  If you haven't taken an online course before or you're new to Moodle, it might be worthwhile to spend a little bit of time here before you begin.  You can also refer to the tutorials if/when you need them as you take a course.

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  • This course includes resources for teachers with information about how to set up a course, add resources and activities, grade student work, etc.

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  • Build your own course using Moodle as you work your way through this six-week facilitated online class! Learn what you can do with this learning management system and how you can use it to create a collaborative learning environment. Activities and assignments each week will help you plan and design a course based on the content you want to make available. You will have access to your own Moodle workspace where you will create your course. By the end of the six weeks, you will have your own course ready to go.

  • Although this course will focus on the book Reach, by Jeff Utecht, it's definitely not your typical book discussion group.  Participants will explore several social networking tools and online communities to discover how they can be used as professional development.  They will try RSS, blogs, wikis, Ning.com, Twitter, Facebook, and Skype and decide which might be the most beneficial to them.  Activities and assignments each week will help learners plan for and develop their own Personal Learning Network.

  • In this course, participants will discover how to reverse the teaching process and use technology to free up valuable class time to benefit student learning.  They will develop an understanding of what it means to ‘flip the classroom’, find out how other teachers are doing it, and how it’s affecting classrooms.  Activities and assignments each week will help learners plan for and implement a flipped environment with their students.